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1.1 The aims of Versor

Although we have the computer power to edit programs in more abstract terms than characters and lines, and many “natural” programmers have the thought power to do so, editing is still often done character-by-character, which seems to be inefficient, unreliable, and a waste of human effort. Versor aims to move beyond that.

Versor is also part of a research project (see Versor and research), which looks into whether programmers really have moved on from thinking of edits in terms of the lines of characters that they see on paper listing and on editor screen.

Ideally (especially for those whose hands are becoming tired of keyboard use) it should be possible to enter and edit programs with very little handling of individual characters. Versor tries to get as close to this as possible. (It includes an analysis facility (see Analysis) to see well it is doing in this, with each particular programmer.) All that need be entered character by character are new identifiers and comments. It may even be possible in future versions to offer a selection of suitable names for variables in certain circumstances, such as i for a first index variable, as some of these are quite stereotyped by role. Logo