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11 Versor use analysis

Versor provides some facilities for measuring how much you are using it, and how much you are using non-Versor commands, and how the two are mixed. This is partly because Versor was developed as part of some research on the psychology of programming Versor and research, and partly so that you can tune your own computer use, and partly to get feedback on what needs to be added to Versor to make it a complete way to edit programs.

To get a report on your Versor usage, use the command versor-research-report.

To save a report each time you quit GNUemacs, arrange for versor-save-research-data to be called by your exit sequence. For example, you can put it onto kill-emacs-hook. The reports are saved in the file ~/.versor-log (you can change this location by setting the variable versor-research-log-file). Logo