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7.6 Other input devices

As well as pedals (see Pedals) it should be possible to extend versor to use other input devices, such as joysticks and mouthswitches.

For commands suitable for use with very “narrow-channel” input devices, Reversing.

A complex joystick (at least with twist as well as X and Y movements) could prove to be an excellent way to use versor. The main stick movements could be the main versor movements, and a side twist could either change dimensions or do alterations. Alternatively, a Fire button could switch the main co-ordinates between movement and alterations. Some joysticks have a smaller joystick mounted on the main joystick; that would be another way to access alterations or dimension changes. A button on the side of the joystick could also change the main movements between navigating the buffer and navigating the space of coordinates. Logo