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2.3.2 Inserting with the selection

Pressing insert while using versor can do many kinds of insertion. The first thing to choose is whether you are inserting before, after, or around, the selection. Each of these may be done by pressing the left, right, or up arrow keys respectively.

Inserting around the selection will insert one item from the kill ring before the selection, and the next item after it. This is the counterpart of deleting a multipart selection, such as a balanced pair of brackets.

Having chosen where to insert, you then press another key to decide what to insert. The most common ones here will be delete, to insert the most recently deleted text, and ( to insert a pair of parentheses.

If inserting around the selection, you can type ? to wrap an if statement around the selection, @ to wrap a while statement around it, = to wrap a scoping construct around it (like let in Lisp), &, | or ! to wrap an and, or, or not expression around it.

See Insertion, for full details of the possible kinds of things to insert. Logo