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6.1 Detect text in code

Often, source code has pieces of natural-language text embedded in it, both in comments, and in string literals. The forms of movement that are useful for source code are often not convenient for these embedded pieces of text.

You can make Versor remember different current dimensions for actual code, and for the insides of comments and string literals. You can turn this on by requiring the feature versor-text-in-code and setting the variable versor-text-in-code to anything other than nil; or by including the symbol text-in-code in the arguments to versor-setup, which does both of the above.

Then, after each movement of the GNUemacs cursor, Versor will check whether point is now in a comment or a string literal, or in code, and will switch its current dimension accordingly.

If you set the variable versor-announce-text-in-code non-nil, Versor will tell you (in the echo area) when it switches between code and embedded text. Logo